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Heart Rhythm O2: Global Voices

Global Voices is a special section of Heart Rhythm O2 that features interviews and articles from EPs practicing arrhythmia management in diverse global regions.

Call for Papers

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HRO2 Global Voices invites research papers in areas of prevention and management of arrhythmia, prioritizing health of vulnerable communities worldwide.  The Global Voices Section Editor is Uma N. Srivatsa, MBBS, MS, FHRS.      

We encourage submissions on:

  • cross border or multi-disciplinary approaches 
  • innovation for global health care 
  • sustainable goals 
  • health equity in vulnerable populations 
  • unique disease states in global regions 
  • sex, racial/ethnic and other poorly represented populations

Submissions may include original articles, brief reports, or review topics.

  • Original Research submissions should include a structured abstract (with headings Background, Objective, Methods, Results, and Conclusions; 250 words max), and should be limited to 5000 words. Articles accepted that are meritorious, meeting the same acceptance criteria as any other HRO2 Original Research article, will be identified as “Global Voices Science”.
  • Brief Reports should be limited to 1500 words, including references, and up to 4 figures/tables; no abstract should be included.
  • Review articles submitted to the Global Voices section should include a brief abstract (200 words). The word count is flexible. 
  • Case Reports or Case Series

If accepted for publication the Open Access fees will be waived.

How to Submit

Email article proposals to HROpen@HRSonline.org.  If approved, the journal office will forward an invitation link for authors to upload their full manuscripts to the journal submission site. All articles will be peer reviewed. 

Special Issue

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Read our special issue on Electrophysiology and Arrhythmia Management Around the Globe: Challenges and Opportunities, featuring 25 articles on global cardiovascular health management.

The articles in this issue report on, or discuss the need for, sex-, racial-, ethnic-, or region-specific analyses of arrhythmia care; explore the challenges and experiences of health care providers practicing arrhythmia care in middle- and low-income countries or other health resource–constrained global regions; and address unique disease entities and challenges from global regions that are not otherwise well represented in the current literature. 

All articles are open access!


An important component of Global Voices is a series of video interviews featuring physicians practicing or partnering with those practicing arrhythmia care around the globe.

Jayaprakash Shenthar, MBBS, MD, on rheumatic valvular disease and arrhythmia management in India:

Thomas Crawford, MD, on recycled CIEDS in developing countries:

Koonlawee Nademanee, MD, FHRS, CCDS, on Brugada Syndrome in Thailand:

Bradley M. Pitman, BSc, and Dennis H. Lau, MBBS, PhD, FHRS, on atrial fibrillation in East Africa:

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